We want the hospitality industry to embrace a whole new philosophy associated to terminology of green solutions and environmental responsibility. Therefore, WT.International® An-Eco® is used in a variety of hotel applications to provide clean water, environments and structures free of microbes and bacteria.

An-Eco® can be used in hot and cold water as well as open or closed systems. It is a very effective, versatile and cost-effective way to ensure the maintenance of hygiene standards in any hotel.

What is this new philosophy?

The hotel industry can adopt “end-to-end” innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that allow the entire facility to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in all applications, from the water treatment to the internal cleaning, without increasing costs or changing treatment facilities.

By “end-to-end", we mean applications across the entire structure, from drinking water treatment to sewage disposal, to chemical-free solutions in the kitchen, restaurants, convention centers, laundries, pools, and rooms.

Previously, hotels had found it appropriate to marketing their awareness of the environment by modifying only certain products and processes that symbolize them.
Ecological products or solutions are often put aside because they are extremely expensive and if the costs do not have a direct impact on the consumer, the hotel groups suffer significant reductions in profits.

Combining the force of science with that of nature, WT.International® has managed to provide a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution that replaces many products and applications. The solution is in-situ (on the spot) at very competitive prices while eliminating the purchase and storage of other products.

How is it possible?

The WT.International® solution is the result of an advanced design that develops two unprecedented products through electrolysis of water and salt in the structure itself.
WT.International® systems, which protect the environment, divide the water and activate the solutions in an extremely efficient oxidizing flow for disinfection for any use, thanks to the An-Eco®, while the flow of antioxidants is used to clean and degrease with Cat-Eco®.

These products can replace up to 80% of existing chemicals purchased for the operation of the entire receptive structure. Due to the water concentration of the product, there is no detergent residue on the surfaces, as is the case with old chemicals still used today. Traditional residual products are fertile ground for dirt and germs.

The product contains 99.69% water. It can be ingested or dispersed in the environment, it has no harmful effect on humans or on the earth, yet it radically eliminates viruses and bacteria.


Cleaning work

In general, personnel must have at least seven or eight chemicals and various tools for each unit. Since the introduction of WT.International® solutions, this solution has been reduced to three easily transportable products along with the latest cleaning tools.


Disinfection of incoming and outgoing wastewater without the use of harmful chemicals.


The in-house laundry service can also use laundry products.

The in-house laundry service can use WT.International® products to replace various chemicals, such as dangerous products for stain removal and bleaching. Staff should no longer be exposed to these hazardous substances. WT.International® also integrates existing powders to reduce volume and costs.

Kitchens / Food preparation

WT.International® products can be used to degrease and provide a high level of sterilization of all surfaces, devices and hand hygiene.
WT.International® systems are absolutely safe for food and are also used on food products to improve the durability and freshness of products ranging from meat to fruits and vegetables. The degreasing product can be added to natural oil products to produce a heavy-duty degreasing solution.

Other applications for An-Eco®:

– It replaces chlorine in jacuzzis and small pools;
– It disinfects saunas;
– It improves the filtration and the lifespan of mounts,
– It replaces the disinfection with alcohol in baths;
– It improves hygiene and odors in sports halls;
– It disinfects playgrounds and toys;
– It disinfects and degreases air conditioners;
– It eliminates the formation of mosses and fungi;
– It degreases grids;
– It disinfects and eliminates odors in waste areas;
– It improves the irrigation water and boosts the growth of the flora;

Disinfection of incoming and outgoing wastewater without the use of harmful chemicals.


We notice new benefits every day with existing customers. To this day, the main advantages we have benefited from are:

The product is manufactured on site and managed by the customer with our help, which means:
– no order form;
– no order or receipt of stocks of chemicals;
– if more products are needed, no extra cost is added;
– saving time / personal resources;
– no flight.


more secure


Another important asset is the opportunity to market your facilities as environmentally friendly facilities:
– Guests can eat, sleep and swim in chemical-free environments;
– Food is prepared with minimal or no chemical exposure;
– Certified drinking water treated with a natural substance similar to chlorine;
– Significant improvement in the quality, freshness and safety of food;
– A training program and continued internal growth;
– Absence of detergent residue such as that resulting from the use of traditional chemicals.
– Global Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We have also enabled our customers to develop a personalized brand of the product so that their customers can see it as a sign of distinctive quality.


For the unique characteristics of the products and for the reduced and customizable dimensions of the applications, the WT.International® machines are perfectly suited to the problems and requirements of the nautical sector in which a range of applications are available for recreational boats, cruises and commercial boats.

The anti-legionellosis treatment on boats was tested with results in collaboration with the shipyard «Estensi».
WT.International® products are perfect for treating cold water, domestic hot water and wastewater.

The natural and ecological treatment of water in on-board tanks with WT.International® products guarantees drinking water supply in the boat and in the harbor without the undesired effects of chemicals or similar products available on the markets. Thanks to the purification, wastewater can be treated so that it will not be disposed at sea, lakes or rivers.

WT.International® products can also be used for cleaning boats while ensuring more effective results, whitening and disinfecting living spaces, tanks and lockers (freezer). In all cases, being mildly corrosive, our products preserve and prolong the life of the materials.


In order to meet the desalination requirements of its customers, WT.International decided to offer new reverse osmosis systems without the use of chemicals, installed in containers, with a production capacity adapted to the needs.



Reverse osmosis desalination must be carried out in order to guarantee the minimal turbidity conditions and eliminate suspended or other bodies (eg algae).


For the filtration phase, the use of a series of qwartz filters designed in vitro-resin is planned.
Pre-supply pressurization: For pressurization two parallel pumps are provided, positioned on the pre-supply skid with alternating operation.


After safety pre-filtration with 5 micron filters that use cartridges PP fiber, the liquid is sent in the filtration phase on semi-permeable membranes, where the water will be pressurized to about 64 bar, in order to obtain a stream of filtered water. The energy required for the process is provided by centrifugal or piston pumps, constructed with all parts that are in direct contact with the sea water, made of duplex stainless steel, equipped with an energy recovery system of the latest generation.
Two dosing stations, one is anti-scaling and the other is anti-oxidant, they help preserve the membranes.

All hydraulic components of the high pressure line are made of duplex stainless steel. The membrane containers are made of fiberglass and maintain a pressure higher than the expected operating pressure of 64 bar. The low pressure circuit is made of rigid PVC pressure tubes.

Energy recuperator:

The installation is designed with an energy recovery system of the latest generation that allows direct energy transfer from the high-pressure concentrate to equivalent volume of saline water at the inlet.
This technology, combined with membranes that have reduced pressure losses and high efficiency pumps, provides a considerable reduction in energy consumption. This solution guarantees the saving of at least 50% of electrical energy absorbed (the pressurization system will have power input of about 130 kW).

Flow volume:

The flow volume of the membranes will be automated and programmable with the use of water that is previously “osmosed”. The system includes automatic valves for the proper management of the flow, which are themselves controlled by the PLC, and with the use of the pre-supply pump, will take directly to the reverse osmosis water tank.

Management and control:

The water desalination system is followed by an electrical board with control and management units (touchscreen) and a modem for remote control and programming. Instrumentation control of different flow rates and pressures will be achieved with transducers that allow digital reading and monitoring.

ELisy disinfection system:

The new eLisy water disinfection system provides clean, perfectly clear water with algaecide and flocculant actions that reduce all types of bacteria to 100%, including legionellosis. All is done 100% naturally.
ELisy units are designed to locally produce cleaning, disinfection and sterilization systems using 0.05% – 1.0% brine solutions (NaCl o Kcl). The units electrolyze salt water using ceramic or polymer membranes that separate positive and negative ions. The result of these electrochemical reactions is the production of several types of activated solutions. The goal is to eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and fungi, as well as the cleaning and removal of some of the heavy metals present in the water.

In recent years, however, the emergence of multi-resistant strains of bacteria, the discovery of legionellosis, and other problems associated with chlorinated compounds have driven research into new and more effective technologies for water disinfection. The technologies of W.T.International have enabled the electron-activated production of the An-Eco (HClO) for the elimination of pathogens. They produce hypochlorous acid also composed of hypochlorite ions from natural sodium, with a real reduction of DANGERS, COSTS and ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

• Easy and safe to use
• Effective: reduced contact time for sterilization
• Biodegradable liquids
• Operational processes provide safe and fast benefits.

An-Eco® neutral

The strength of An-Eco Neutral (HClO) in terms of concentration of active sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) can be regulated according to the need thanks to a programming provided in the production machine. A flow regulator is installed in the hydraulic part to stop the eLisy unit in the case of water supply failure and causes the machine to reset when the hydraulic flow arrives.
An on / off switch with a power indicator allows to stop or reactivate the eLisy unit manually. There are several basic models ranging from 20 to 10,000 l / h and the production capacity will therefore vary according to the required need.
The An-Eco (HClO) produced by W.T.International is placed in a storage box and then injected into the water system as needed.
The dosing schedule will depend on the flow and quality of the water and will be controlled by a flowmeter connected to a dosing pump.
Based on extensive studies, the An-Eco (HClO) solution:

• Is ecological;
• Has no toxicity to humans, animals and nature;
• Is a powerful biocide;
• Is safely disposed of in the sewage system
• Has very fast biocide contact reaction;
• Can be used in all stages of disinfection and cleaning;
• Not to disperse on any type of surface without a possible recommended dosage;
• Can be applied to liquid substances, be they hot or cold, on ice and again as a spray:
• Is hypoallergenic;
• Is produced in-situ (on the spot) to eliminate the storage and handling of chemicals.