WT.International® Units are designed and developed, in partnership with the IWT that is based in Italy, on the basis of an innovative technology unique of its kind, in order to offer effective electro-activated solutions (An-Eco® Acid, An-Eco® Neutral and Cat-Eco®) with unequalled performances to this day.
In addition to its environmental and ecological advantages, in term of reducing the use of chemical products added solely to water, its economical advantages render the generators WT.International® particularly useful in agriculture, livestock farming, pools, food industry, and all industrial and civil sectors suffering from problems regarding the safety of residual water, bacterial contamination (e.g. Legionelloses) and water purification.
An-Eco® by WT.International® is an excellent disinfectant.


The electrolyzed water (EE) technology is based on an unprecedented and new electrochemical law, which concerns the processes of abnormal modification in reactions and catalytic capacities of aqueous solutions subjected to a unipolar electrochemical treatment (anodic or cathodic). EE is necessarily associated with the modification of its chemical composition, its acidity and/or its high alkalinity.
That is why EE makes it possible to:

• Exclude the regulation of the properties of the solution with expensive reagents from the technological processes of the routine.
• Improve the quality of the treated substances.
• Reduce the number and the duration of technological operations
• Decrease the work that consumes their nature.
• Facilitate and simplify the processes of water purification and sewage.


The WT.International® system consists of an electrolysis cell containing two electrodes, anode and a cathode, separated by a diaphragmatic membrane.
The well-known problem of electrode degradation, also common to similar systems, has been overcome by a single process and its capacity to withstand strong courant has been greatly increased.
A patented self-cleaning process has been designed to minimize the use of acids in electrodes cleaning. The system is managed from an external screen, remotely controllable. The electrolysis cell, or reactor, is the core of the system. The cell contains a solution of water and sodium chloride (the classic cooking salt).
The construction of diaphragm cells also allows an efficient evacuation of chemical and electrochemical reactions from the chambers of products. WT.International® units have been designed to produce solutions with different capacities. They can work autonomously and / or be integrated into a production process:
• eLisy (M) manual units easily and inexpensively produce 0.4 to 12 m3 of An-Eco® Neutral per day. They can also be configured for the separate production of An-Eco® Acid and Cat-Eco®;
• Models: eLisy M-20, elisa M-40, eLisy M-90, eLisy M-120, eLisy M-200, eLisy M-400, eLisy M-600, eLisy M-1000, eLisy M-1200, etc ;
• eLisy (A) automatic units combine the advantages of the generator
WT.International® with the convenience of an automatic start and stop system with level control, smoother and simpler operations, cleaning and maintenance, and more sophisticated control.

The automatic units can produce up to 40 m3 of An-Eco® Neutral per day. A simple switch is used to start the production activity in situ.
For more efficiency, an automatic system of notification of the cleaning needs of the cell is installed;

• Models: eLisy A-20, eLisy A-40, eLisy A-90, eLisy M-120, eLisy M-200, eLisy M-400, eLisy M-600, eLisy M-1000, eLisy M-1200, eLisy A-1800, eLisy A-2000, eLisyA-2400, elisa A-3000, eLisy A-4000, etc
• The Low-energy Salt units are available on request. They are specially developed to produce large volumes of solution at the lowest possible operating cost today.
Available on all models in manual and automatic versions. . [Ligne M-LC et A-LC] ;
• The SW (Sea Water) line includes units designed to be powered by seawater.
They are ideal for use in installations near the sea or on boats and they require almost no brine.
• The design of the electrolytic cell, based on the revolutionary AEC( Electrochemical Activation) technology , is a guarantee of the performance of the generated solutions.
It allows a reduced consumption of electricity and sodium chloride (NaCl, normal cooking salt) ;
• The hydraulic resistance of the brackish water flow passing the cells is minimal, in order to eliminate any cause of possible reduction in the efficiency of electrolysis during production;
• The container is made of non-corrosive material. The pipes and fittings are made of PVDF, which is known for its resistance even to very aggressive products.


The system collects network water which then combines with salt. The saline solution passes through the reactor generating two products which are fed back into the network through a dosing pump.

Each WT.International® water disinfection system includes:
→ eLisy device (one or more);
→ Containers for An-Eco® and NaCl solution (cooking salt);
→ Dosing pump (s) with FAC or ORP controller.
The An-Eco® produced by the WT.International® unit is collected in a container, then dosed in the entering water (use the schema). The dosing regime depends on the flow and quality of the source water (property) and is controlled by the flow-meter or the FAC / ORP controller connected to the dosing pump.

The aqueous solution of NaCl (brine), electro-chemically activated in the WT.International® unit, generates a powerful, non-toxic and safe disinfectant called An-Eco®, which is the main active ingredient generated by eLisy units.
An-Eco® is a clear, colorless liquid with a slight smell of chlorine in its concentrated form.
It contains various mixed oxidants, mainly hypochlorous acid, giving An-Eco® a highly bactericidal and sporicidal activity.
The An-Eco® parameters are as follows:
• pH 2.5 to 9.0;
• (general) Concentration of active chlorine 100-2000 mg / l;
• Very strong oxidation activity at low concentrations (hundreds of percentages) of active substances that do not damage the chemical and other vital characteristics the treated water and that do not form any toxic compounds.

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